Bulk Oil

Save Money and Time!!! No Cross Contamination!! Save your Back!!!

(Eliminate those messy oil jugs and containers and simplify your shop lubricants area)

Products available in Bulk

  • TMS 15W40 - Diesel Engine Oil
  • TMS 30W - Diesel Engine Oil
  • MAXTRON 15W40 - Synthetic Blend Oil
  • Quicklift HTB - Hydraulic Oil
  • Auto Gold 10W30 - Gasoline Oil
  • Auto Gold 5W30 - Gasoline Oil
  • MP 80W90 - Gear Lube
  • Dexron III Mercon - Transmission Fluid
  • Irriflex 30W - Irrigation Oil

For more information, contact:

Darren Specht, Fuel Manager
620-964-2225 or 888-964-2225